Advocaat vreemdelingenrecht
Immigration lawyer
Mr. Rutger Heringa
Fred. Roeskestraat 115 1076 EE Amsterdam
Postbus 9116 1180 MC Amstelveen
020 7585705

Rutger Heringa has been practicing Immigration Law since 1995, having worked, amongst others, as a lawyer with Veraart De Granada & Partners in Alkmaar, and as staff lawyer with the Alkmaar District Court. He has published on Immigration Law. Rutger Heringa teaches an EU Immigration Law course to employees of the Juridisch Loket legal aid and advice centre. He is a member of the Werkgroep Rechtsbijstand in Vreem- delingenzaken ('Aliens Affairs Legal Aid Workgroup') and of the Specialistenvereniging migratierecht advocaten ('Immigration Lawyers Society').

'Moving to a foreign country is a jump into the unknown. It takes guts. And good counselling, so as to find your way through the Dutch maze of rules and regulations. I am happy to offer my counseling to people.'

Rutger Heringa’s approach is characterised by commit- ment, know-how, analytical power and creativity.